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How to Find the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams


January 5, 2023


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I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our lives, weddings, and engagements. Stay a while and say hello!

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Congratulations!! You are officially engaged to the love of your life! Before you know it, your big day will be here. As you begin to plan and make decisions for that day, finding your wedding venue is definitely at the top of your to-do list. Why? The wedding venue you select will take up a large portion of your wedding budget and will affect nearly every aspect of your wedding day—from your guest list, to your decor, to the style of your dress, to the vendors you will book. It truly is an important first step. Also, keep in mind that wedding venues are booked up very quickly! Popular venues book out as far as 18 months in advance. To set your wedding date, you will need to find a venue that is available. Still trying to figure out where to start? No problem! Here is some helpful advice on how to choose a wedding venue:

Start Your Search to Find a Wedding Venue

Be sure to use several resources to ensure that the search for your wedding venue ends successfully. By searching on Instagram and Google, you will quickly find venues around the world. There are also local websites that can help. Are you searching for a Kansas City wedding venue? Try websites such as Have you thought of asking your family or friends if they know of any great wedding venues? Maybe they just attended a wedding that was held in the perfect location for you! No one attends more weddings than vendors, which makes them a great resource for wedding venue recommendations. I love helping couples find their perfect wedding venue! There are also websites, such as and that can help. Although many of the pages on these sites are paid advertisements, they are a great place to view several venues at once! 

the barn at grace hill wichita

Decide What’s Important to You

Because each venue offers unique features that might matter more to some couples and less to others, it is necessary to figure out what is truly important to the two of you. Would you prefer to have your wedding rehearsal dinner at the venue? Do you see yourselves  getting married outdoors in a garden or inside in front of a huge window with a breathtaking view? Is the actual physical location of the venue important to the two of you? Will you need suites to get ready for the ceremony? Are you planning to invite a few hundred people for a big bash or only a handful of guests for a quiet, more intimate day? Considering these questions, and others, will help you get a clear idea of what you and your future spouse are looking for in a wedding venue. Then as you come across venue ideas, you will be able to select the venues that fit all of your needs.

find a wedding venue

Tour Your Favorite Venues

Based on the venue features that you consider most important, you have your list of top picks for your big day! Now it’s time to set up tours at each of the venues that made the cut. One crucial reason for these tours is that you want to ensure the property is as advertised. Your wedding venue is definitely an investment you don’t want to regret making! While you are at each venue, be sure to stop and take a moment to really notice how you feel at the venue, both individually and as a couple. Do you feel inspired and romantic or is there something lacking in the space? Can you imagine saying your vows and celebrating with your loved ones in the venue? Trust your feelings, and don’t talk yourselves into choosing a venue that is really not the right fit. This will help you choose a venue where all of your guests will feel comfortable and you will feel celebrated. Choosing the right venue will help you look back for decades to come with fond memories of the ambiance of your special day.

how to choose a wedding venue

Choose the Best Wedding Venue for Your Big Day

How will you ever choose which of these great venues is the right one for your wedding day? The answer to that question is the second reason for touring your prospective wedding venues. As you tour the venues, you will be collecting valuable information to help you make your choice. Jot down items that stand out to you while you are touring each venue; otherwise, they may blur one venue into the next. For example, you may love the tall, vaulted ceiling, or you may despise the color of the flooring. Make a quick note of these types of things. After touring all of the venues, sit down with your partner and go over your list. Be sure to consider what services are included with each venue. For example, some venues might be more expensive but may include things like linen rentals that will end up saving you money, so make note of what is included. After considering the facts-and-figures side of the equation, factor in how you and your significant other felt at the venue. Then make your decision based on what feels best for your special day!

what to look for when choosing your wedding venue

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I'm Kristin and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about me, wedding tips, and engagements. Stay a while and say hello!

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