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Welcome! I’m Kristin, a joyful wedding photographer based in Wichita, Kansas.

​You’ll always find me with a smile on my face and putting one on yours. I have a love for coffee, my family, cooking, God, and of course pizza. OH, and my husband. JK, I love him dearly.

Devon is my muse behind my passion for capturing love stories. He’s taught me not to take life for granted and be present in every moment. I can’t wait to capture your love story!

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lots of laughter

your best friend

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dancing your feet off

the little moments


When you hire me as your wedding photographer, you’re trusting me to capture the passion, love, romance, and those little in-between moments that comes with your unique love story. Every couple has something they do to bring out each others little quirks, to make the other smile and laugh uncontrollably. I pose you in a way that brings out the most organic and natural reactions while still creating something beautiful. 
Don’t think I’m only here to take photos on your big day, because my job is much bigger than that. Before the wedding day I will be right by your side, through the whole planning process. Giving you tips, helping you create a timeline that works with you, and bringing your vision to life. The day of your wedding, I will be there to keep everyone on schedule, hold bouquets, and more times than not, putting on the guy’s boutonnieres. With that being said, I know when to take a step back to capture the intimate moments. I will also be there to take charge during family portraits to get photos grandma will love. 

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