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How to Have the Best Wedding DJ Experience Possible


December 7, 2022


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I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our lives, weddings, and engagements. Stay a while and say hello!

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Let the celebration begin! After your wedding ceremony, you and your other half will be ready to celebrate your love along with the people you love most. Your wedding reception will be the perfect place for this to happen! Whether you want an evening full of meaningful conversations with relaxing jazz music playing in the background, a dance-the-night away party, or something in the middle; you want your reception to be the perfect end to your perfect day! Hiring a professional DJ will help your reception to be a hit. As you book your wedding vendors, you will need to choose a DJ, and who you choose definitely matters! Your DJ sets the tone for your wedding reception and will have a huge influence on your wedding day. A DJ can make or potentially break your reception. How can you make sure you have the best DJ experience possible? Here are the answers to three common questions that will help you out:

What Does a DJ Do?

DJ vs Wedding DJ

A DJ and a wedding DJ can be two very different things. A DJ, a club DJ, and a party DJ are different names that often refer to someone who plays their own unique style of music at clubs or parties. They are also known to remix songs to the style they personally like. However, a wedding DJ is not focused on their own musical preferences. They are all about you as a couple and your guests. Ahead of your wedding day, you will provide your DJ with a list of preferred songs and songs you do not want played on your special day. Some DJs might prefer if you give them an idea of the style of music they should play without being limited to a playlist. If you don’t make a specific playlist, you will talk to your wedding DJ about the style of music you would like throughout your wedding. Your DJ will read the crowd and adjust their musical choices to make sure you and your guests are having a great time! This will help them be able to play off the crowd and keep the dance floor full all night long. 

how to find a wedding dj

A DJ’s Role in the Reception

When you think of a wedding DJ, you probably think of the person who plays dance music during the reception. But a DJ actually has a lot more to do on a wedding day. A great wedding DJ can provide professional audio equipment and music throughout your day, including for the ceremony, cocktail hour, formal dinner, and of course, the reception! Wedding DJs help the two of you plan the details for both your music and the master of the ceremony (Emcee). Your DJ will also be responsible for following the reception timeline that you have created together. Not only will they announce when an event is about to happen such as the father/daughter dance, the cutting of the cake, etc., they will make sure the sound system is ready so that each part of the evening runs smoothly. The DJ resolves most hiccups that may occur in the reception timeline—giving you one less thing to worry about. This allows the two of you to focus on each other and your guests instead of the logistics!

average cost of a wedding dj

Other Services DJs Provide

Every wedding DJ offers different services; certain services may be add-ons, while others may be included in the quoted price. Some DJs provide a photo booth along with props as an add-on. Photo booths are a fun activity for guests to enjoy and they will leave with a great memento from your wedding day! Most DJs offer lighting—from soft lighting for a romantic and elegant ambiance to bright, colorful lighting for rocking out on the dance floor. Be sure to ask the wedding DJ you select if they offer any extra services that could make your day even more memorable and personalized! 

a wedding djs role in the reception

What’s the Average Cost of a Wedding DJ?

Most couples have a wedding budget and need to consider the cost of everything, including music. Here are a few insights on the average costs of wedding DJs: The cost of a DJ largely depends on the location of your wedding and which services the DJ will be providing. Another thing to consider is whether or not you will have live music at your wedding. Hiring a DJ will cost significantly less than live music. Some couples enjoy having a mix of live music and a DJ and have kept this within their budget by having live music during the ceremony and dinner, followed by a DJ during the reception. That option helps you lower your costs, and still have an awesome DJ who helps you follow your reception timeline, provides professional audio equipment, and most importantly, knows how to read a crowd and help that crowd have an amazing time!

Wedding entertainment costs vary greatly depending on the area where you live and exactly which services you choose. Some DJs who provide just the basics are less than $500 while others may be in the $2,500 range. As a comparison, a live band costs more than $4,000 on average. The right wedding DJ will create the vibe you have always wanted at your wedding and reception. Set a budget, make a list of what you for sure want your DJ to provide, and then start your search for the perfect DJ for your special day.

Where Can I Find a Good DJ?

There are many DJs out there, and just like anything else, some will definitely be a better fit for your wedding than others. Here are a few things that will help you find a good DJ: There are several ways you can find an experienced wedding DJ who will incorporate the style you want for your wedding. If you know any couples who loved their DJs, find out who they hired.

Join local Facebook wedding groups, and post your questions about wedding DJs. Also, be sure to search the FB group for older threads about local wedding DJs. Additionally, most wedding photographers are happy to make referrals. Wedding photographers attend MANY weddings, and they know local wedding vendors that provide excellent service. After you have narrowed your search, be sure to read the reviews on Google. If you would like a referral for a wedding DJ, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help you make your wedding day perfect!

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