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Creating a Colorful Winter Wedding Celebration


October 3, 2023


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There is something so special about planning a winter wedding! More and more couples are opting to celebrate their love story during the snowy months. Winter provides a unique opportunity for adding vibrant colors and warmth to a wedding day. Here are some of the best ways to add color as you plan your winter wedding:

Choosing a Color Palette

The first step to planning the perfect colorful winter wedding is to choose the right color palette. There are so many gorgeous colors that fit a winter wedding beautifully. Although the first colors that come to mind when thinking about a winter color palette are deeper, darker colors, you can create a bright and beautiful color palette for your big day! Jewel tones are an excellent choice for couples looking for a rich, colorful palette. You could also choose bright, icy pastel colors or two bold colors for a lovely contrast. Winter is also the perfect time to incorporate seasonal elements like snow, evergreens, or bright winter berries, into your color palette.

Colorful Winter Decorations

Once you have decided on a color palette, look for decorations that incorporate your colors. There are so many options for colorful decorations—vibrant floral arrangements, bright table settings, and fun, personalized backdrops, to name a few! In addition to florals, incorporate your colors in tablecloths, napkins, or chair covers. If you’re ordering wedding signs, arches, or backdrops, look for options that will add a pop of color to your setup.

Warm Winter Wedding Favors

Send your guests home with a thoughtful gift that will add another touch of color to your winter wedding. Some colorful and warm favor ideas include:

  • Personalized ornaments
  • Hot cocoa kits
  • Colorful candles
  • Mini succulents
  • Sweet treats
  • Handmade soaps
  • Mini artwork
  • Seasonal jams or honey
  • Personalized hand warmers

Present your wedding favors in an eye-catching display or at each guest’s seat. Whatever option you choose will add another element of color to your winter wedding and make your guests feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Wedding Party Attire and Accessories

Attire and accessories are another essential element of your wedding day. Colorful bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s ties, bouquets and boutonnieres are a great way to make your day more vibrant and colorful. You can also add colorful accessories like shawls and jewelry as beautiful statement pieces. Brides, have you thought about a colorful wedding dress? You could wear a colorful gown the whole day or have an outfit change moment and switch into a colorful reception dress!

Colorful wedding attire for a winter wedding

Colorful Winter Wedding Flowers

Explore seasonal blooms that will infuse color into your winter wedding. Embrace the season’s beauty with colors in various shades, like deep red, rich purples, or bright yellows. Add botanicals, berries, or evergreen foliage for impact and contrast. Or think beyond traditional florals and incorporate hardy succulents that thrive in all seasons. Then, tie it all together with texture combinations and colorful accents like pins, ribbons, and vases. Chat with your florist about your vision; they will help you bring your colorful florals to life! 

Vibrant Food and Drink

A winter menu can be dazzling to the eyes and the palate! Your wedding food and drink are perfect for adding color to your big day. Start your culinary journey for the day with vibrant appetizers that awaken the senses. Consider serving colorful bruschettas, beet and goat cheese tarts, or bright salads or skewers. Highlight bold colors and flavors for your main dish by opting for colorful vegetables and main courses with visual appeal. Include a menu of signature craft cocktails with seasonal favorite flavors like cranberry and orange. Ask your bartender for colorful garnish options that will make the drinks photo-worthy. And finish your menu off with bright dessert options that will create lasting memories and delight your guests.

Entertainment and Activities

There are endless possibilities for entertainment and activities for a colorful winter wedding. Here are a few fun ways to engage your guests and creatively infuse color into your winter wedding celebration:

  1. A Colorful Photo Booth – Set up a vibrant photo booth with a backdrop featuring your wedding colors. Then, add props like scarves, hats, and masks for your guests to take memorable snapshots of your wedding day.
  2. Confetti or Fireworks – Add a dazzling display of confetti or fireworks to your festivities during your grand entrance or exit. Incorporate your colors to make the experience even more personal!
  3. Live Entertainment – Live musicians or entertainers are another way to add a fun and visually stunning experience to your reception. Ask if the performers can incorporate vibrant costumes or props to add even more appeal.
  4. Glow Sticks or LED Accessories – Glow sticks or LED accessories can add fun and color to the dance floor and evening festivities on your wedding day!
  5. Colorful Lighting – Does your venue offer lighting options that could transform your reception space? You could even change up the mood throughout the evening with lighting that fits the festivities.
Colorful wedding venue lighting for a vibrant reception

You can create a lively, engaging, and colorful atmosphere by incorporating these entertainment and activity ideas into your celebration!

Planning Your Colorful Winter Wedding

There are endless ways to add color and vibrancy to your winter wedding celebration. I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and they can help you create the perfect colorful winter wedding. From selecting the perfect color palette to adding colors in unexpected ways, like in your food and drink, your winter wedding can be a vibrant testament to your love story. Ultimately, the warm moments spent with loved ones are the most beautiful part of your wedding day. If you are searching for a photographer to capture those memories forever, let’s talk!

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