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How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photography Investment


May 24, 2023


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As you prepare for your wedding day, wedding photography is one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle. Wedding photography is a unique investment because your photos are one of the only things you will take with you after your wedding day. Wedding photography is also a significant investment. Professional photographers spend countless hours learning skills, getting to know the two of you, shooting on your big day, and editing your photos. So how can you ensure you get the most out of your wedding photography investment? This guide will explain five tips to maximize your wedding photography investment.

Communicate Clearly With Your Photographer

The first step to getting the most out of your photography investment is communicating clearly with your photographer. Discussing your vision for your wedding day will help your photographer understand which events are most important to you. That way, they can make sure you have photos of those moments you can treasure forever. If your photographer offers a pre-wedding planning or engagement session, use that time to talk about your wedding day. Ask your photographer how they will help you to pose and feel comfortable in front of the camera. They will be happy to share some tips on preparing and posing. If your photographer sends over a questionnaire, make sure to fill it out as soon as possible. Fill them in on details like family relationships, who is in charge of things running smoothly, and any special requests you have. The better communication you have with your photographer ahead of your big day, the more likely you will fall in love with your photos!

Maximize Your Time Behind the Camera

Maximizing your time with your photographer is another essential step to maximizing your wedding photography investment. If portraits are important to you, make enough time for them in your wedding day timeline. If you prefer to take candid images throughout the day, still give yourself extra time if your photographer has a creative idea. Consider having a first look so you can take some of your portraits pre-ceremony. Having a first look allows for intimate moments and relaxed photos before the festivities begin. You will love the results when you schedule enough time and clearly communicate your vision for your photos. Your photographer will be able to capture meaningful moments in a stunning way. These photos will tell the story of your special day forever!

Trust Your Photographer

Trusting your photographer is another key to getting the most out of your photography investment. Remember that you’ve chosen them because they are an expert! Their expertise and vision will make your wedding photos unique and special. Trusting their skills and guidance will allow them to successfully capture the essence of your day in an authentic way. Be open to their ideas for posing, lighting, and photo locations. If you have already communicated your preferences, trust that they will be able to bring your vision to life. Be receptive to their professional advice. When you fully trust your photographer, you’ll create a collaborative environment where creativity will flow!

Invest In Quality Prints

Getting the most out of your wedding photography investment doesn’t end on your wedding day. After you’ve received your gallery filled with incredible memories, the next step is to use those photos! Of course, you will want to post some images on social media, but your photos were not designed to only live on a screen. Showcase these treasured memories by investing in high-quality print products. When you print your photos, you will be able to see your cherished memories every day! When you order prints, make sure to opt for professional-grade printing services over quick prints. After the investment you made in your photos, you deserve the full quality and vibrancy on paper and canvas. Professional photo printing services check the quality of the pictures and the color accuracy along the way so that you will receive true-to-life images. You can order through your photographer’s preferred printing service or use a website like Mpix or Nations Photo Lab to ensure the best results.

Heirloom Wedding Albums

Ordering an heirloom wedding album is an extra special way to showcase your wedding photos in print. A physical album offers a tangible and immersive experience that truly brings your wedding memories to life. A wedding album is filled with a curated collection of highlights from your special day. Your photographer may design your album for you, or you may choose to design your album yourself. Whatever the case, the moments contained in your album will be hand-selected. You will be able to relive the emotions of your favorite moments every time you flip through the pages of your album. A quality album is a physical heirloom that can be eventually passed down to newer generations. Imagine sitting with your grandchildren one day, flipping through memories of your wedding day! Finally, ordering a wedding album ensures that your photographs are enjoyed and appreciated in their intended form. Rather than leaving them stored on a computer or buried in a hard drive, an album proudly displays your images, turning them into art pieces that can be displayed and shared with family and friends.

At the end of your wedding day, you will be left with photos of the best moments. The steps outlined in this blog post will ensure you get the most out of your wedding photography investment—from the planning stages to after your gallery is delivered. Are you looking for a wedding photographer for your Kansas City or Wichita wedding? I would love to be the one to capture your beautiful memories! Reach out to me today to get started.

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I'm Kristin and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about me, wedding tips, and engagements. Stay a while and say hello!

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