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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Florals


March 28, 2023


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Wedding florals add freshness and timeless beauty to your wedding day! They are a highlight of wedding decor. But choosing your wedding flowers can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure what to expect. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had firsthand experience with many florists and couples who have elevated their weddings with flowers. Here are my best tips for wedding flowers so you can find the perfect inspiration for your wedding day:

Seasonal Wedding Bouquet & Floral Inspiration

Wedding bouquets and floral arrangements are a highlight of any wedding day! Because wedding flowers are a highly seasonal item, different flowers are popular during different seasons. This is because some flowers are available year-round, and others only bloom during certain months. For example, roses are classic wedding flowers that most florists use for wedding designs. Roses are easy to find throughout the year, making them a reliable choice and a lower-cost flower than some specialty seasonal flowers. Because roses come in various colors and styles, they also fit the style of different weddings well. Other flowers are only in season for a short time, so it’s important to know what will be blooming during the time of your wedding. What styles of bouquets and floral arrangements are popular during each season?


In the spring, bright, fresh blooms are popular choices for bouquets. Depending on your wedding colors, you could choose flowers in colors that complement or match your theme. Pastels, vibrant yellows and oranges, and bright purples and blues are popular color options for spring bouquets.


In the summertime, there are many options for flowers! Some couples choose classic white roses and greenery for their wedding bouquets. Others choose colorful bundles with reds, pinks, and oranges that match the warmth of summer.


During the fall, deeper, warmer-colored flowers become more popular. In addition, jewel tones have become a popular choice for fall wedding themes, so colors like burgundy, burnt orange, dark green, purple, mustard yellow, and teal are common.


Romantic hues like deep red and navy blue are popular winter wedding themes. When I imagine a winter wedding, I think of red roses and velvety warm-toned flowers.

Alternatives to Traditional Flowers for a Wedding 

Some couples choose to replace traditional wedding flowers with other design elements. For example, some couples choose lapel pins or succulent flowers over conventional boutonnieres. Wooden or silk bouquets are a popular alternative to fresh wedding bouquets, and some brides love these options because they can keep their flowers forever! If you aren’t as drawn to flowers but still want fresh, natural decor on your wedding day, you could incorporate other greenery and plants.

alternatives to wedding florals

Calculating the Average Floral Cost for a Wedding

The cost of wedding flowers varies greatly depending on your choice of blooms, the season, and what floral elements you include on your wedding day. According to a study by The Knot, the average cost of wedding flowers in 2022 was $2,400. If flowers are an essential part of your wedding decor, your investment may be larger than the average. Large, statement floral arrangements are trendy right now. For example, if you want to create large centerpieces or ceremony flower arrangements, those arrangements will incur a higher cost. Costs will also vary depending on the florist, but here are some general ideas of average floral costs:

• Bouquets – $100-300+ each

Larger bridal bouquets average $300-500, smaller bouquets average $150-250, and bridesmaids’ bouquets cost about $80 apiece.

• Boutonnieres – $20 each

• Table Centerpieces – $100-500+ each

If you are looking for centerpiece arrangements for each table, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120-600 each, depending on the size and arrangement.

red floral arrangements

• Head Table Floral Arrangement – $500-1500

Head table arrangements run anywhere from $500-1500+ depending on the intricacy of the design and the number of stems.

• Ceremony Floral Arrangements – $1500-4000

Large ceremony floral installments are one of the most time-consuming types of floral arrangements for florists, so they will likely take up a larger part of your floral budget.

Wichita & Kansas City Florists

Limestone Floral is an incredible floral studio in Wichita that creates floral designs inspired by nature and the organic beauty of flowers. They can make your floral dreams come true with exciting bouquets and arrangements! Check out their portfolio and designs on Instagram here.

Free State Flora is a flower shop and wedding florist local to Wichita. In their floral shop, you’ll find the freshest blooms and designer’s choice bouquets and arrangements. Free State Flora celebrates local flowers year-round, also offering bouquets featuring dried flowers. Follow them on Instagram here!

Floriography is defined as the language of flowers, a traditional way to communicate how you feel about someone through flowers that have meaning. Floriography KC, a Kansas City florist, is inspired by the idea that your wedding flowers can tell your love story! Their designs are luxurious and bold, a true testament to every love story that comes their way. View their designs here!

Good Earth Floral, a Kansas City floral design studio, creates timeless bouquets and floral arrangements for romantic weddings. Their designs are lush and full, and their team specializes in statement installations. So whether you are looking for bright, colorful flowers, deep jewel tones, or classic designs, Good Earth Floral can create the perfect floral look for your big day! Check out some of their work here.

Choosing Your Wedding Florals

There’s no wrong way to create your wedding florals! As you find the right florist and flowers for your wedding day, all that matters is your opinion. I hope this guide will help you to create a game plan for your wedding flowers. If you’re looking for more wedding planning tips, check out my guides on the blog!

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